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St Leonards Church 

Upton St Leonards

(Please click 'Services' tab for details of Christmas Services)

Christmas Services

Sunday 15th December

4pm Carol Service

Christmas Eve

4pm Nativity

11pm Christmas Night Communion

Christmas Day

10am Christmas Celebration 

(with Communion)

Sunday 5th January 

10am Epiphany Celebration 

Sunday Services

Everyone is always welcome to come to St Leonards Church.
You can be assured of a warm welcome whatever the time of year.

1st Sunday:
8.00am Communion  
10.00am Celebration Service

2nd Sunday:
10.00am Communion

3rd Sunday:
10.00am Communion 
4.00pm Evening Prayer

4th Sunday:
10.00am Communion

5th Sunday:

10.00am Communion